The Key to Success: It’s a Process

Hey, it’s me Mark!

Someone asked me yesterday, “What are the chances of success for a creative idea?” It got me thinking.


Our whole lives, we’re told we’re supposed to succeed. But no one ever defines what success is or how we’re supposed to achieve it. This in and of itself should clue you into the fact that the idea of success as an and goal is a myth.

Success doesn’t exist like that.

Looking around, we can see people that we think of as successful: certain businessmen, pro athletes, the Swiss. But when you ask these people what it’s like to be successful, most of them would respond that they don’t feel successful. You don’t just hit some goal and reach total peace. It doesn’t happen. Sorry.

Successful people don’t feel successful for one reason: success isn’t a goal, it’s a process.


The process of success begins with failure. If you haven’t failed yet, you can’t succeed.

Have you ever watched a baby learn how to crawl? It’s embarrassing. They are so bad at crawling, and it’s crawling. Crawling isn’t really that hard. But these dumb babies just sit there and wiggle and move their limbs disjointedly. Morons. But…their failure is temporary. Before you know it, they’re mobile and none of your stuff will ever stay in your drawers or cabinets again.

Failure is good. Failure is the first step. And the second. And the third. In fact, failure is every step. You don’t ever get to some final step labeled success. All the steps are labeled failure and the only reason you’re crying about that is because you think failure is bad.

Failure is good.

You can accomplish a lot by failing.

Don’t be afraid of it. Success is the process of failing over and over again.