Discovering How To Enjoy the Process of Creation

Hey, it’s me Mark!

I am a writer.

I want to be a writer.

I am working on becoming a better writer.

I’d like to be a writer someday.

I wish I was a writer.

Maybe at some point, I’ll put my thoughts down in a blog and it won’t make people cringe while they read it.

Creating Stuff Is Hard

When I sit down to write something, a post, a letter, an email, a shopping list, a very loud voice inside of me perks up and says, “Oh good, the dummy is going to bother people with his idiocy.” And I have pretty good self-esteem in general. Ten years ago, before I was this awesome, writing was impossible. I’d get paralyzed immediately.

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God is an Artist

Hey, it’s me Mark!

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1).

Being an artist can be intimidating. It can scare us. There’s the fear of failure. There’s the fear of making something that isn’t good. What if we make something and it’s bad? What will happen?

As a new parent, this fear can be translated into my role as a father. What if we discover that our child has Down syndrome? Autism? Cleft palate? What if he’s unathletic? What if she’s ugly? What if he can’t do math? What if she doesn’t get into college? Basically, what if our child isn’t perfect?

He will have to the age of four to prove himself, otherwise, we will release him back into the wild.

She will have to the age of four to prove herself, otherwise, we will release her back into the wild.

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Time Travel is Overrated: Live in the Present

Hey, it’s me Mark!

So this guy Richard Rohr says, “To be present is to know what you need to know in the moment. To be present to something is to allow the moment, the person, the idea, or the situation to influence you and even change you.”

He’s a little hippy-dippy for me a lot of the time, but I think he’s nailed it here.

What do you need to do next week? Next month? In the next six months? Is there a project at work looming? Does your son need braces? Do you have a test coming up?

What is something you regret? How about that time you were embarrassed? Have you ever had a triumph that you revisit from time to time for ego polishing purposes?

It is easy to get pulled out of the present. Fear of the future, anticipation, regret, or reminiscence can draw us away from what we’re doing. They can steal our attention.

There isn’t anything inherently wrong about not being in the present, but it can easily become a preoccupation. We can find ourselves spending more and more time in the past of the future.

When I was growing up, my parents probably took about a hundred pictures of me. I might have ten of these somewhere. My sister just had a baby a few months ago. I think they filled up their hard drive with pictures already. With the advent of digital photography, we can capture the present before it has a chance to slip into the past. We can store it and catalogue it and sort it into Facebook albums so we never lose it. We can check back in on the day we spent at the beach for the rest of our lives.

What a waste.

Please stop doing this.


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