Let’s Get Vulnerable

Hey it’s me Mark!

Let me tell you a story…

Improvisers create scenes to tell stories. Stories need drama. Drama can’t happen without vulnerability. This is why Superman is frequently criticized as a story. Superman is invulnerable. He can beat anyone. In order to make things even remotely interesting, his enemies must be as powerful as he is. But this means that his enemies are invulnerable as well. This kills the drama. Neither are vulnerable to harm. So all that ends of up happening is people punching each other until they get bored and stop.

In improv we need vulnerability, both as characters and as improvisers.

As improvisers, we need to come to each scene with a sense of vulnerability. When someone gives us an offer, we must allow that offer to change us, to effect us. If your son in the scene tells you he hates you, your character must have some emotional reaction to that. If you don’t, it’s a denial. Sure, we all have moments when we come into a scene as Superman and offers bounce off of us like bullets. Continue reading

Don’t Fear Failure

Hey, it’s me Mark!

I’m a sinner.

You’re a sinner.

So…we’re all sinners. But as Christians, we’re called to not sin. How does that work? Is it some sort of joke? Are we meant to live a life of frustration and self-criticism? Or are we meant to hide in our homes, oven mitts on our hands, desperately trying not to sin? We’re going to anyway, shouldn’t we just give in and at least have some fun doing it?

What should we do?

Failure Continue reading